First hour 149 Euro, including arrival and departure in Berlin.

Every additional hour 90 Euro, or half hour 45 Euro.


Mercedes Benz S-Class (black)

First hour 99 Euro, including arrival and departure in Berlin.

Every additional hour 69 Euro.


Van (VW Bus or Mercedes Benz Vito)

First hour 99 Euro, including arrival and departure in Berlin.

Every additional hour 69 Euro.

Cabrio Bus

Price on request

Airport Transfer

  • Transfer from SXF + TXL City with S-Class or Van
  • Maximum of one hour, including pickup from driver
  • Pickup with a sign directly from the gate of Airport Transfer Berlin
  • Airport shuttle Berlin is also possible from train stations, with the same conditions

99 Euro

For an airport shuttle berlin transfer from outside of Berlin, we need a start and end point, including the zip codes. Gladly we'll make you a seperate, unique offer.

List of Drinks

Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Apple Juice, Orange Juice, Water, Selters

1 Liter

5 Euro

Red Bull

1 can - 0,33 liters

4 Euro

Children Champagne

1 bottle

10 Euro

Sparkling Wine (Rotkäppchen)

1 bottle

15 Euro

Sparkling Wine (Asti)

1 bottle

18 Euro


1 bottle

18 Euro

Red Wine / White Wine

1 bottle

18 Euro


1 bottle

1,50 Euro

Champagne (Moet, Veuve Cliquot)

1 bottle

70 Euro


1 can - 0,33 liters

3 Euro

Wodka (Sminoff and Absolut)

Whiskey (Jim Beam)

Rum (Javanna and Bacardi)

1 bottle - 0,7 liters

35 Euro

Drink packages

Beverage Party Package 1

1x Liquor

3x Softdrinks

49 Euro

Beverage Party Package 2

3x Sparkling Wine

3x Softdrinks

49 Euro

Beverage Party Package 3

1x Champagne

1x Liquor

3x Softdrinks

99 Euro

Children Birthday Package

Paper Streamers, Baloons

1x Children's Champagne

35 Euro

Charge for self-catering (bring your own drinks and use our bar and glasses)

20 Euro


1 bag

10 Euro

Extras and Drinks

Red Carpet

limousine berlin red carpet

We roll out the red carpet for you; twice! Make an unforgettable evening even more unforgettable

for only 20 Euro


limousine berlin stripper

Striptease in the Stretchlimousine
(ca. 10 minute show)

for only 150 Euro

City Guide

limousine berlin city guide

On your request, a city guide will present to you the most beautiful city in the world - Berlin.

ca. 50 Euro / Stunde

Wedding package

limousine wedding berlin

Silkflower bouquet (red/white or apricot/yellow/white) for the bonnet, white silkband from the doors over the bonnet, white lace ribbons on all doors, as well as a bottle of sparkling wine.

for only 39 Euro
or 55 Euro with a red carpet

Birthday Party

birthday limousine berlin

balloons, paper streamers and a bottle of children's champagne (non alcoholic) will make your kid's birthday even more special

for only 35 Euro

Champagne Reception

limousine berlin champagne

Table, white binnacle, flower decoration and glasses - assembled by the driver

for only 30 Euro

Bei Fragen stehen wir Ihnen jeder Zeit zur Verfügung. Kontaktieren Sie uns jetzt!

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