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Sightseeing Tours in Berlin

You can enjoy Sightseeing Tours in Berlin with our limousines or Mercedes S-Class. If you like, you can plan a route yourself or hire a professional guide to show you around. Even without a guide our chauffeurs can introduce you to the most important sights in Berlin. Experience sights such as the Brandenburg Gate, the Government Quarter, the City West and East, Potsdam Sanssouci and many more from an exceptional perspective.

Simply book our limousine service. The chauffeur will drive you and you can relax and focus on the Sightseeing Tour in Berlin.

Sightseeing Berlin is possible with our limousine service. Book your individual sightseeing trip that will take you to the best places in Berlin.

Sightseeing Tour Berlin

Sightseeing Berlin is always worth your while because Berlin offers something for everyone. Numerous sights provide such a great backdrop for sightseeing which makes it hard for any other city to compete with Berlin. It is advisable to ask our scouts to put together your personal Sightseeing Tour Berlin to ensure that you will not miss any worthwhile sites in Berlin.

Enter one of the many Sightseeing Tour Berlin buses that chauffeur you from sight to sight. You decide how much time to spend at which stop and one of the following buses will take you to the next attraction, then. Or enjoy a Sightseeing Tour Berlin from above. Experience a Sightseeing Tour Berlin from a unique perspective and enjoy the capital as few have done before you. A helicopter will rise high into the air to fly you anywhere you want to go. Upon previous request Sightseeing Tour Berlin provides this exceptional service for you.

We can also recommend a tour through Berlin in a luxury limousine that is spacious enough to chauffeur an entire group of people through the city. Enjoy cold beverages and see everything you always wanted to see in Berlin within the booked time frame. In the evening, the limousine can take you to a hot club or one of the many culinary delights of the capital. Thus, we offer a Sightseeing Tour Berlin as you have never experienced before.

We compiled a list of the most important sights in Berlin for you:

Sightseeing Tour Berlin to Alexanderplatz: Explore this square previously known as Ochsenplatz (Oxen Square) that was used as a cattle market until 1700 and is one of the most important squares in Berlin. See several sights at once here: the TV Tower, the World Time Clock, the Fountain of Friendship amongst Peoples and the Red City Hall.

Sightseeing Tour Berlin to the Berlin Cathedral: The Berlin Cathedral, that was heavily destroyed during World War II and subsequently restored, is a real crowd puller.

Sightseeing Tour Berlin to the Brandenburg Gate: Being the last remaining city gate, the Brandenburg Gate became Berlin’s landmark. It was built from 1788 to 1791 following the designs of C. G. Langhans.

Sightseeing Tour Berlin to Checkpoint Charlie: The former border-crossing between East and West Berlin at the Friedrichstraße serves as a memorial for the political division of Berlin. The history of the wall can be studied in the museum “Haus am Checkpoint Charlie”.

Sightseeing Tour Berlin to the Federal Chancellery: As the seat of the chancellor the Federal Chancellery is one of the most important buildings in Berlin. The impressive structure was built as part of the “Band des Bundes” (Band of the Federation) in the Government Quarter and represents an architectural dialog to the historic building of the Reichstag (seat of Parliament).

Sightseeing Tour Berlin to and along the Kurfürstendamm: Being a visitor to Berlin, you cannot miss the shopping street of the capital. It runs 3.5 km from the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church to Halensee and contains many shops and stores of well known fashion labels and popular brands.

Sightseeing Tour Berlin to Olympic Stadium: Built as the central building of the Reichssportfeld for the Olympic Games in 1936, it originally held 100 000 visitors. It served as the venue for many games during the FIFA Soccer World Cup in 2006 and staged the final between Italy and France.

This list represents only a small selection of the many sights in Berlin. We are happy to compile other and more comprehensive Sightseeing Tours Berlin for you. Just contact us and we will gladly assist you.

Sightseeing Berlin

Berlin offers countless beautiful buildings and places that you should not miss when visiting the city: Beginning with the well-known Brandenburg Gate or the TV Tower at Alexanderplatz to Potsdamer Platz or Charlottenburg Palace in West Berlin. Tourists who want to make the most of their visit will be occupied for several days in Berlin. Sightseeing Berlin always is a unique experience but for those who have a crowded agenda and want to see as much as possible, a well-informed guide that plans their route and shows them the most interesting places and sights is absolutely necessary.

Sightseeing Berlin will compile your personal itinerary when visiting Berlin according to your ideas. Whether you want to experience the cultural side or want to see the most important buildings of Berlin, we know Berlin like the backs of our hands enabling you to focus on your experience Sightseeing Berlin.

Next to varying tours there are also different ways to conduct these. Use public transport like the U-Bahn, S-Bahn, buses or trams to see all the attractions on your Sightseeing Berlin plan and enjoy the flexibility of staying at different sights as long as you want or adding an unplanned stop when you see something interesting. Moreover, you can make use of Berlin’s double decker buses and explore the city with an unobstructed view. A predetermined route will take you to the most beautiful and interesting Sightseeing Berlin sites. You can hop on and off at the different sights and intensify your Sightseeing Berlin experience at your favorite spots. Afterwards, just wait for the next Sightseeing Berlin bus that will take you along to the next attraction. Our staff at Sightseeing Berlin is at your service when planning and booking such a tour, even before you have started your holiday.

Make your Sightseeing Tour in Berlin an exclusive experience by using a Sightseeing Berlin limousine. Enjoy the tour in a spacious stretch limousine and be chauffeured to the most popular Berlin sites or define your destinations yourself. To make this tour as comfortable as possible there are cold beverages available in the minibar. Additionally, you can get out of the limo at any time to explore the sights of Berlin on foot before carrying on to the next attraction; completely stress-free and relaxed.

Experience Sightseeing Berlin at its best. To conclude the evening our staff at Sightseeing Berlin can put together an attractive program for you. Whether you want to go to a hot club, eat at a cozy restaurant or make use of one of the many cultural events in Berlin: Sightseeing Berlin is well informed and is glad to pass that information on to you. Just tell us your preferences and Sightseeing Berlin will take care of the rest, so that your stay in Berlin will not be forgotten anytime soon.