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Our Service

We charge for our service beginning at the time of pick-up until reaching the desired destination.

You can bring your own beverages or order them from us.

Of course, you can bring your own music on CD and play it on the built-in CD player.

For more privacy you can operate the electrical partition between driver and passenger compartment yourself.

Your personal chauffeur dressed in a black suit will be friendly, discreet and reliable. Additionally, he owns a license to transport passengers and possesses excellent local knowledge. On your trip through Berlin he can show you important sights, good restaurants and bars as well as other locations.

Gift Certificates

You want to surprise someone?

City-Limos offers personalized gift certificates for top-class tours.

Whether with our stretch limousine or our Mercedes S-Class, just call us to discuss all the details personally and present the recipient with an unforgettable event!

Quick, individual and direct.

Gladly, we fulfill special or unusual wishes, too.

Driving Service Berlin

Do you keep asking yourself how much time you have already wasted in unnecessary traffic jams? Be it on the highway or in city traffic, whoever uses his car a lot spends more time in traffic jams than he wants. Time is money, as a popular idiom states. This is why Driving Service Berlin has a lucrative proposal for you. Save the time usually spent behind the wheel and use our Driving Service Berlin instead. This gives you the opportunity to use the newly won time for preparing upcoming appointments on the way and enables you to arrive well prepared and relaxed.

Whether our staff accompanies you with your own car or one of our luxury vehicles is for you to decide. Inform us about your desires and Driving Service Berlin will fulfill them.

However, you can also use our Driving Service Berlin for private purposes. When going on vacation, for instance, we chauffeur you to the airport and park your car on a safe parking lot. Upon your arrival our Driving Service Berlin will pick you up and take you home. Thus, your last day of vacation will not end in stressful traffic. You can even leave your car at home and be chauffeured to the gate in one of our comfortable vehicles. Hire our Driving Service Berlin for any occasion for which you do not want to or cannot drive yourself. Driving Service Berlin is even available at short notice, just call us.

Chauffeuring Service Berlin

If you spend a lot of your time on business trips, you probably know this situation: You are on the way to an appointment and busy with mentally preparing for the meeting. The problem is the lack of concentration on traffic. If you, then, find yourself stuck in traffic, stress is guaranteed and you will arrive visibly tense at your destination. This is no longer necessary: Use Chauffeuring Service Berlin to take you to your business appointments and focus your attention on the key points of your meeting.

Our experienced staff at Chauffeuring Service Berlin will drive you without stress and in time to your appointment and back. You can choose to be driven in your own car or in a luxurious limousine from Chauffeuring Service Berlin.

Many years of experience gave us extensive knowledge about the needs of our clients and taught us flexibility in adapting to those needs individually. Chauffeuring Service Berlin is also available at short notice if you have to get to the airport quickly and a taxi is too uncomfortable for you. The well-equipped vehicles of Chauffeuring Service Berlin enable you to prepare for an upcoming appointment on the way. Use your valuable time, which would have been lost in stressful traffic, effectively by using our Chauffeuring Service Berlin in the future.

Our staff at Chauffeuring Service Berlin is glad to assist you and to make your daily routine easier by offering you a little more freedom. Contact Chauffeuring Service Berlin today and receive a customized proposal that will be worth your time.